Database Design & Development

Area Description Questions
Analysis Identify the end-user and functional requirements of a database problem that relates to the implementation at this level.
Design Describe and identify the implications for individuals and businesses of the Data Protection Act 1998:
  • prior consent of data subject
  • accuracy of data
  • data used for limited, specifically stated purposes
  • data kept safe and secure
Describe and exemplify entity-relationship diagrams with two entities indicating:
  • entity name
  • attributes
  • relationship (one-to-many)
Describe and exemplify a data dictionary:
  • entity name
  • attribute name
  • primary and foreign key
  • attribute type
    • text
    • number
    • date
    • time
    • Boolean
  • attribute size
  • validation
    • presence check
    • restricted choice
    • field length
    • range
Exemplify a design of a solution to the query:
  • multiple tables
  • fields
  • search criteria
  • sort order
Implementation Implement relational databases with two linked tables, to match the design with referential integrity.
Describe, exemplify and implement SQL operations for pre-populatedrelational databases, with a maximum of two linked tables:
  • select
    • from
    • where:
      • AND, OR, < , > , =
      • order by with a maximum of two fields
  • insert
  • update
  • delete
  • equi-join between tables

Read and explain code that makes use of the above SQL

Testing SQL operations work correctly at this level 2018 SP Q17(c)(i)(2)
Evaluate solution in terms of: Fitness for purpose
Accuracy of output